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Sea Tel launch 4009 MK3 VSAT system

Sea Tel 4009 MK3

Following on from the release of the Sea Tel 4012 Ku band, 8 Watt, 1m antenna with Integrated Marine Antenna (IMA) electronics / software, Sea Tel is now adding the new 4009 MK3 Ku band system with IMA to its range.

The 4009 MK3 is available with a 16 Watt Codan BUC and features the latest Integrated Control Unit (ICU) and Media Exchange Point (MXP) giving users the best pointing accuracy in the market and an easy web interface to the terminal for setup and ongoing antenna control.

IMA (Integrated Marine Antenna) Key Features (ADE):

  • Monolithic software upgrades. There is no longer a requirement to upload specific software to each individual assembly. One software upgrade updates the MXP, ICU, Motor Driver Board and the internal SCPC receiver card.
  • The same pedestal design and specification as the XX09 system that meets the highest performance standard in the maritime industry. (IEC 60721)
  • Identical ship’s bolt pattern as the XX09 antenna system. (3612 will have the 50 Inch radome as a standard configuration).
  • The Integrated Control Unit (ICU) is a single box solution that incorporates the majority of the electronics for ease of troubleshooting and replacement, if necessary.
  • Integrated in the ICU is also a 150 KHz resolution SCPC receiver.
  • On Board GPS antenna. (GGA and GLL selectable sentences from the MXP Graphical User Interface)
  • Stowage pins in the Azimuth and Elevation axes.

Antenna DAC

MXP Key Features (BDE):

  • Easiest setup and commissioning system offered by Sea Tel.
  • Standard 19 Inch 1U rack mount. (Slide Rails Optional)
  • A full web based Graphical User Interface.
  • Extensive Remote Management capabilities.
  • Three levels of secure user access that can be set by the
  • Dealer. (password protected)
  • Accepts NMEAH 0183, Stepper and Syncho Gyro Inputs.
  • No Gyro Mode capable.
  • Built in self tests.
  • No front panel controls other than the power switch.
  • Fully IP based “plug and play” architecture.
  • Tri colour status LEDs on the front panel.
  • Fully compatible with Legacy DAC and new IMA software protocol.
  • OpenAmip® compatible.
  • Programmable satellite favourites.
  • Compatible with multiple manufacturers of satellite modems.
  • Extensive Diagnostic tools.
  • Improved Auto threshold features.
  • Extensive activity logging features that capture events, errors and normal operation of the antenna. (Fully exportable and remotely accessible.)
  • Select desired log files between specific dates.
  • Select specifications for data export.
  • Extended commands through the Command Line Interface. (CLI)
  • Upload and download INI files. (Parameters)
  • Export INI files for use on another antenna system.
  • Expandable built in FAQ web page.
  • Built in help file web pages.

Built in web interface

For further information and the latest pricing please contact the sales team on +44 208 974 0930 or email:

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