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Renewable energy is a fast growing sector of the global economy as governments encourage commercial enterprise to develop new opportunities in the offshore wind and tidal energy to meet targets for green energy production and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

With many new offshore wind farms starting to come on line and tidal projects getting approval the demand for reliable communications during the installation phase is paramount for contractors to operate safely offshore. Once infrastructure is in place a fibre optic background is usually  run in which can leave the initial Inmarsat and VSAT communications as a redundant back-up in case of  cable failure to allow maintenance and control of critical turbines or sub-stations to continue.

Satellite handheld phones and local wireless data links connected to a VSAT can all be used successfully to keep workers connected and safe during the piling and installation phases.

Where wind farms are sited in remote locations away from any reliable terrestrial communications ashore, satellite data modems can be used to transmit information from strategically placed data loggers  to assess a site's potential well before commercial planning even starts.  Land portable, mobile roof mounted systems or handheld satellite systems can keep survey and engineering teams connected to their head office and safe in remote places where 3G networks are unreliable and copper is too expensive to run in.

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