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Livewire Connections operates in the mobile satellite services market place providing voice & data communications to a wide range of markets requiring connectivity is some of the most remote places on the planet.

Maritime Market

The sea provides one of the most challenging environments within which to work and as such demands the best from any solutions deployed there. Throughout its lifetime, Livewire ...

Natural Resources

Natural resources by their very nature can be anywhere in the desert, in a remote location or out at sea. Such demands dictate that companies and individuals have the best...

Broadcast and Media

If you are a journalist operating on the frontline in a civil war or covering a natural disaster then you need the very best solution available to make filing that news report ...

Other Markets

Whether you are working on a construction project in a remote location, running an expedition or having the holiday of a lifetime, having the ability to stay connected is a...

Latest News

Lauderdale Marine Center
2 months 11 hours ago

Livewire Connections USA offices, which are situated at the Lauderdale Marine Center, Fort Lauderdale...

2 months 3 days ago

Livewire Connections are pleased to announce a further enhancement to Marlink’s Ku-band High Speed Zone coverage in the...

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