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Running a construction project in a remote location provides many challenges but communication doesn't need to be one of them. Depending on where you are working in the world and the length and type of project you are running will determine what satellite communications solution best meets your needs. 

For initial surveys, ground works and the early project stages you can make use of portable systems like Inmarsat BGAN systems for voice and basic data transfer to support email and Internet access for reporting back to Head Office.

As the project develops and more infrastructure and power becomes available, the reporting requirements and demands on project management and your IT resources increases.  The obvious choice would be to fit a VSAT system to provide broadband voice and data to support larger site operations  and multiple users.

Welfare can also become an issue in very remote locations so the provision of pre-paid calling for construction site workers can be an invaluable addition for site morale. 

Health and Safety requirements may also benefit from having hand portable satellite phones for emergency back-up and on-site incident reporting when required. 




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