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Sea Tel 4012 GX VSAT (End of Life)

Sea Tel 4012 GX VSAT Terminal

Based on the industry-leading 4009 antenna pedestal, Model 4012 GX is the industry’s first and only highly integrated 1m Ku to Ka upgradable marine stabilized antenna system. This optional Ku to Ka upgrade can be performed in the field in a few short steps by a Sea Tel trained technician. The system will go on sale in the first half of 2012. The new antenna architecture will be future-proof and upgradable to work on Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) network. Expected 4012 GX

Benefits and Features

Expanded user preference: operate on Ku or Ka-band. 

  • Anatel and Eutelsat approved.
  • Frequency tuned radome for both Ku and Ka-band services.
  • Simple and intuitive field upgrade to Ka-band (optional).
  • Fully IP based “plug and play” architecture.

Model 4012 GX will be the first antenna fully optimized to meet the demanding maritime communications needs of the 21st century. The 4012 GX architecture is being designed for ease of installation; extended web based secured user interface; built-in remote management capabilities; and integration into network management systems through its media exchange point (MXP).

Model 4012 GX will have a highly integrated control unit (ICU). ICU offers a single box control instead of distributed antenna control architecture, replacing the Digital Antenna Controller (DAC) and Pedestal Control Unit (PCU). The Model 4012 GX is being designed to meet industry’s leading mechanical and safety requirements including IEC 60721 specification. The antenna system will have industry blazing stabilization accuracy, highly efficient antenna reflectors and frequency selective, fine-tuned radome design for peak performance in Ku and Ka-band.

More Images

MPX Controller for 4012 Sea Tel 4012 VSAT

Coverage Maps

Asiasat 5 Indochina - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1H - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1KR - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1L - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1M Europe - 04 Series Beam, Astra 1M Widebeam - 04 Series Beam, Astra 2A 2B North - 04 Series Beam, Astra 2D North - 04 Series Beam, Astra 3A - 04 Series Beam, Astra 3B Pan European - 04 Series Beam, Astra 4A European - 04 Series Beam, Eurobird 1 Fixed - 04 Series Beam, Eutelsat W7 Eurasia - 04 Series Beam, Hispasat - 04 Series Beam, Hotbird 6 - 04 Series Beam, Hotbird 8 - 04 Series Beam, Hotbird 9 - 04 Series Beam, JCSat 3A - 04 Series Beam, JCSat 4A - 04 Series Beam, Koreasat 5 - 04 Series Beam, Measat 3 Malaysia - 04 Series Beam, Nilesat - 04 Series Beam, Optus C1 D3 - 04 Series Beams, Optus D1 - 04 Series Beams, Thaicom 5 Thailand - 04 Series Beam, Thor 6 K1 - 04 Series Beam, Thor 6 K2 - 04 Series Beam, Thor 5 T1 Nordic - 04 Series Beam, Vinasat 1 - 04 Series Beam

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