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With the introduction of Fleet Broadband smaller leisure yachts less than 30m can enjoy the same connectivity previously only found in the Super Yacht market. The Access Controller FB-10, designed and manufactured by Livewire Connections solely for the maritime sector, provides a comprehensive range of features to ensure your vessel’s network is running efficiently. Simple switching between different Internet connections (eg Inmarsat, 3G, WiFi etc) as well as dynamic fire-walling to ensure you are reducing the background connection using the bandwidth and securing the network. Spend control allows you to monitor and limit your spending on connections that charge per min or per Mb (eg Inmarsat Fleet Broadband) to ensure that you do not have any unexpected airtime bills. The Access Controller FB-10 also includes Bandwidth Monitoring and QoS to allow the bandwidth to be used where it is required the most.

We can also provide Inmarsat Fleet Broadband airtime at some of the most competitive rates in the industry and a range of email, voice and Internet services to suit your requirements.

​Livewire Connections is a main SeaTel dealer providing VSAT and TVRO hardware worldwide and, using our team of in-house SeaTel trained engineers, can provide installation and support services. The smaller coastal and ST series TVRO and new USAT 24 and USAT 30 are ideal for the smaller yacht (20-30m) wishing to have Sky TV and unlimited Internet connection.

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