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Operating a mine of any description in a remote location is a challenging business for many reasons and good reliable communications can make the difference to success and failure in many ways. 

From prospecting a site with a geological survey team operating in a 4 x 4 truck, to bringing heavy plant and machinery in to start the mine operations or for keeping workers morale up in a well established camp, all rely on good communications.

Mobile communications for survey teams and for ad hoc emergency communications are best catered for by using Inmarsat BGAN, Iridium or Thuraya portable systems as they have low power requirements and usage is normally charged on an as used basis.

Once infrastructure is in place, a VSAT can offer the best value by providing higher data rate connections at a fixed monthly cost with low cost VoIP connectivity to local fixed numbering schemes. 

Remote plant or pipe lines can be monitored for SCADA purposes or even controlled remotely using small low power M2M BGAN terminals.     









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