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Ancillary Hardware

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Coaxial Cable Kits Coaxial Cable Kits

We supply coaxial cable in the form of small kits for our TVRO, VSAT and GSM systems. We supply in pre cut lengths of either 30m or 50m. Each 30m or 50m length is spooled onto a...

iDirect X5 iDirect X5 Satellite Modem

The iDirect X5 has replaced the iDIrect 5100 series as the mainstay modem of iDirect platform marine VSAT networks. The modems are used with our WaveCall by Marlink VSAT Service...

Spaun Compact Multiswitch TV Multi-switches

Spaun multi-switches are renown for their quality and reliability, with a huge range of options from the compact range supporting up to 32 outputs to cascade systems supporting...

Latest News

SKY Image
5 years 3 weeks ago

Livewire Connections is pleased to offer new and renewal Sky Offshore customers a 50% discount off our...

Marlink and Livewire Signing
5 years 3 months ago

Marlink to acquire Livewire Connections to create the leading maritime VSAT company in the superyacht market...

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