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Tracking & Anti Piracy


The ability to track where your vessels are in near real time is essential for todays fleet managers, not only for efficient management and routing but also for safety and security. As piracy attacks have increased in the Gulf of Aden and Somali has become a hot spot and no go area for shipping due to the significant risks, accurately plotting and knowing where your assets are whilst they are transiting the area is essential.

The ability to have a regular position reports with course and speed delivered to an electronic chart system accessed via a secure web portal, which can be viewed anywhere provides great flexibility and peace of mind to owners and operators alike. Tracking your vessel is straight forward and can be undertaken using several different satellite systems from Inmarsat C, D+, ISAT M2M or Iridium and Livewire Connections has been providing Inmarsat C based tracking services to over 1700 vessels since 2004.

SSAS regulations and LRIT requirements all require regular tracking, testing and the ability to send alert messages ashore to designated recipients to comply with the latest IMO regulations. In addition many vessels are now installing citadel communications using discreet antenna installations to enable contact to be maintained even whilst under piracy attack.


Livewire Connections can supply and install a range of devices to provide continuous communication to the vessel's safe room or citadel in the event of a pirate attack. These systems are separate from the ship's main communication systems which are often disabled by attacking pirates. Please contact us for more information regarding our anti-piracy solutions. 

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