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Oil & Gas

The hunt for new Oil and Gas reserves continues to increase in response to growing demand for energy from around the world. As this takes companies into more inaccessible and inhospitable areas and the cost of exploration rises, it is now more critical than ever to have access to key data analysis resources. Thankfully this role continues to be met by the satellite communications industry, through VSAT networks in more permanent sites and Inmarsat where mobility and rapid deployment are key.

Of course data networks are only one aspect of a comprehensive communications network, especially in an industry as diverse as Oil and Gas where many divisions come together to form a full supply chain which, in its crudest terms, gets oil from the ground to fuel in your car.

The challenges of working in a desert or operating a rig in the North Sea are diverse and challenging and require different hardware and technology to achieve robust and reliable connectivity.

Livewire Connections can provide a variety of solutions from Inmarsat's latest M2M BGAN terminal to manage a valve on a remote pipe line to a fully stabilized 3-axis Sea Tel VSAT to provide a dedicated 1.0Mbit connection for an anchor handler in the Gulf of Mexico.     

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