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3G voice and data services are now an everyday part of all of our lives, whether you are checking your email on the move on a smartphone or calling the office you will be relying on a 3G network. 

Huge advances have been made in connectivity and the speeds with which you can access the Internet and there are a multitude of providers offering different packages, which makes 3G services ideal for mega yachts of all types. 

Having a package that provides what you want where you want it is essential for those on the move and it can makes good commercial sense to use a local SIM card so as to avoid costly roaming charges.

Data bundles are common place and many yachts use these to supplement their satellite communications when the antenna is in blockage or off air during a yard period. Data bundles will vary and can provide a fixed amount of data per month and any usage over and above this is charged for.   It is therefore sensible to use a device like the Access Controller FB-10 to control your usage, warn you when you get close to your monthly usage and drop the call or suspend the service when you reach your monthly spend limit.

Livewire Connections has a full range of French, Italian, Spanish, USA and UK SIM cards so please contact us for further information and pricing. 








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