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Sailor 900 VSAT with Ka-band upgrade path to Inmarsat GX

The SAILOR 900 VSAT system is the most advanced maritime stabilised Ku-band antenna system built with the same high quality and performance that has made SAILOR the leading name...

Sea Tel 9711 C/Ku VSAT

The Sea Tel 9711 system with 2.4m radical offset reflector is Cobhams most efficient C-band or Ku-band marine stabilized antenna system and is available in 144" or 168" radome.

The C-band...

Sea Tel 6012-71 C-band VSAT Antenna System Sea Tel 6012 C-band VSAT Antenna System

The Sea Tel 6012 C-Band is a 3-Axis, C-Band only marine stabilised antenna system compatible with C-band satellites.

The revolutionary architecture of...

Sea Tel 6012 Ku-band Sea Tel 6012 Ku-band VSAT

The Sea Tel 6012 is a 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with most Ku-band satellites. The revolutionary architecture of this 1.5 meter system is based on Sea...

Sea Tel 9711 IMA System with C/Ku Switchable

The Sea Tel 9711 IMA (Integrated Maritime Antenna) System combines a C-band circular/linear Switchable Feed as well as a Ku-band cross/co pol switchable feed with sub-reflector...

Sealink VSAT Airtime - Sealink

Sealink™ is a premium fully customisable marine VSAT solution offering dedicated, guaranteed and shared bandwidth options for high quality, always on voice, Internet access and...


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SKY Image
4 years 9 months ago

Livewire Connections is pleased to offer new and renewal Sky Offshore customers a 50% discount off our...

Marlink and Livewire Signing
4 years 12 months ago

Marlink to acquire Livewire Connections to create the leading maritime VSAT company in the superyacht market...

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