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Satellite Systems

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Sea Tel 6004 TVRO Antenna Sea Tel 6004 TVRO

Sea Tel’s Model 6004 is the most powerful Ku-Band, DTH antenna with a greater range than other systems in its class.  At 1.5 meters in dish diameter, the Model 6004 delivers...

Sea Tel 6012 Ku-band Sea Tel 6012 Ku-band VSAT

The Sea Tel 6012 is a 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system compatible with most Ku-band satellites. The revolutionary architecture of this 1.5 meter system is based on Sea...

Sea Tel 80 TV Sea Tel 80 TV

Sea Tel 80 TV is a 3-axis Ku-band satellite TV antenna with a 83cm / 32.68 inch dish. It has advanced technology that enables the user to receive Ku-band HD satellite services worldwide without...

Sea Tel 9497 TVRO Antenna Sea Tel 9497 TVRO (End of Life)

Sea Tel’s Model 9497 operates in many areas around the globe and is compatible with all known and planned TV satellites. It is an extremely sensitive system especially with the...

Sea Tel 9707D VSAT Antenna Sea Tel 9707D VSAT

The Sea Tel Model 9707D radical offset antenna is our most efficient ever C-band Circular only, stabilized antenna system. The Model 9707D is both INTELSAT and DSCS compliant....

Sea Tel 9711 QOR VSAT Antenna Sea Tel 9711 QOR VSAT (End of Life)

The 9711 and 9711 QOR (pronounced "core") products are the next evolution in C-band systems from Sea Tel. Based on their leading 9797B product line, the new 9711 series has an...

Sea Tel Coastal 18 TVRO Sea Tel Coastal 18 TVRO

The Coastal 18 is small in size, but big on features with Sea Tel’s superior quality and performance in satellite television at sea. It has a compact 18” dish that is perfect...

Sea Tel DTV04 HD Sea Tel DTV04HD (End of Life)

The first 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system that is compatible with DIRECTV’s Ka-Band satellites. The Model DTV04 HD is also the only marine stabilized antenna system that...

VSAT Arbitrator Sea Tel Dual VSAT Arbitrator

One of the most common causes of internet downtime onboard vessels is when the VSAT cannot achieve line-of-sight with the satellite often caused by mast or other equipment...

Sea Tel ST14 TVRO Sea Tel ST14 TVRO (End of Life)

The Sea Tel ST 14 antenna is compact, with a 14” diameter dish inside an attractive white radome that is just 18” tall and weighs only 25 lbs. The ST14 has a different design...


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