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End of Life Systems

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Globesurfer 3 Plus -Discontinued- GlobeSurfer III+ 3G Modem (End of Life)


The Option Globesurfer 3 Plus is a new high speed HSPA Plus Router offering high speed mobile broadband download speeds of up to 14....

Iridium Openport Iridium OpenPort (End of Life)

Iridium OpenPort offers true IP connectivity with up to three phone lines available for simultaneous use.  Equipment is easy to install and surprisingly affordable.

SAILOR 60 Satellite TV Sailor 60 TVRO (End of Life)

Whether watching the game, the news or the soaps the SAILOR 60 Satellite TV is built specifically to meet the demands of maritime professionals. It can be relied on to provide a...

SAILOR 90 Satellite TV Sailor 90 TVRO (End of Life)

The SAILOR 90 Satellite TV World System has a new automatic depolarisor developed to allow for automatic switching between polarisations in a matter of seconds, overcoming a...

Sea Tel 2406 VSAT (End of Life)

This system has been replaced by the Sea Tel 3011.

The 2406 Antenna is a 60 cm Ku-Band maritime VSAT antenna for SCPC, broadband, or...

Sea Tel 3011 VSAT Sea Tel 3011 VSAT (End of Life)

The Sea Tel  3011 is the latest 3-Axis marine stabilized antenna system from Sea Tel built for smaller vessels who want the same performance and capability that would expect on ...

Sea Tel 3612 Sea Tel 3612 VSAT (End of Life)

Sea Tel 3612 is a 3-Axis, marine stabilised antenna system compatible with most Ku-band satellites. The revolutionary architecture of this 0.9 metre system is based on Sea Tel’s...

Sea Tel 4009 VSAT Antenna Sea Tel 4009 VSAT Mk2 (End of Life)

The Sea Tel 4009 Ku-band 1.0M marine 3-axis stabilized VSAT antenna system incorporates the very latest technology in optimal reflector performance, ABS (Automatic Beam ...

Sea Tel 4010 and 5010 VSAT Antennas Sea Tel 4010 & 5010 VSAT (End of Life)

The Sea Tel 4010 & 5010 series antennas are the latest 3-axis marine stabilized VSAT antenna system from Sea Tel  designed for installation  onboard any superyacht, offshore...

Sea Tel 5009 VSAT Antenna Sea Tel 5009 VSAT (End of Life)

​The 5009 Ku antenna is the latest innovation in VSAT marine stabilized antenna systems incorporating the latest technology in optimal reflector performance and vertical...


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