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NARVALO and Marlink’s High Speed Zone Trials

Livewire Connections’ customer NARVALO was one of three superyachts that recently took part in trials carried out in the Caribbean and Mediterranean Sea with Marlink’s new dynamic Sealink VSAT High Speed Zones. 

Here is what NARVALO’s Captain Tom Alderman had to say about the trials.

“The Internet is used in many areas of the working day, so much of the yacht’s productivity requires a stable internet connection. In fact, Internet connection is so important these days that it’s almost a disaster if it fails.”

“It’s important to ensure we have good Internet on board at all times, which is why we choose the Sealink service. However, being able to increase speeds through a single request to Livewire Connections when we are in the High Speed Zones enables us to improve the online experience to cater for more people to use the Internet simultaneously when the owner and guests visit,” said Captain Alderman. “The High Speed Zone trial speed was very good. We could stream HD TV on four screens, use internet radio throughout the yacht and still maintain good speed for general web browsing. The higher connection speed was really missed once the trial was over.”

Marlink’s Sealink VSAT High Speed Zones are designed to meet the high-end requirements of the superyacht sector. 

Photo credit: Quin Bisset

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