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DOMANI and Marlink’s High Speed Zone Trials

Domani - Livewire Connection and Marlink Sea Trials

Motor Yacht DOMANI took part in sea trails to help assess the high throughput capabilities of Marlink’s new dynamic Sealink VSAT High Speed Zones which provide the fastest available Internet access for temporary usage. 

Here is what Peter Pexton, Captain of DOMANI, had to say about the trials:

“Sealink delivers reliable connectivity for us here in the USA and Caribbean and having access to a faster service on request means we can always be ready for guests as they come on board. The fact that the extra bandwidth is delivered quickly without any changes to our hardware makes it a very flexible service, which helps towards meeting the requirements for connectivity on a modern superyacht.”

The new service provides greater flexibility to meet higher bandwidth requirements during peak periods. Both DOMANI and NARVALO, who also took part in the trials, experienced significant boosts to the bandwidth available on board.


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